Online Marketing is Kind of Like Being in the Mob.

Every time you think you’ve gotten out, you get pulled right back in.

I took a break for a few months over the holidays with my web design, using the time instead to spend time with family and friends, properly shop for gifts, and just enjoy the season. I haven’t done that since 2007!

But here I am again, not even all the way through January, and some of my tried and true, loyal customers asked me to work on their projects. And you know what? I’ve said yes. I really do enjoy building their websites, creating new logos, and putting together brochures. All the little things that go into making a small company’s marketing campaign a success.

A few years ago, my boss at the time told me he didn’t feel like our work in video production helped the world at all. We made educational, instructional, and informational videos, television commercials, and so on. I pointed out that if we didn’t help bring those companies business, and if we didn’t make their safety videos for their employees, people could lose their jobs and those businesses could shut down. If we weren’t around to do their television commercials, they would have to go to the much more expensive studios an hour away in the city of Pittsburgh, and pay more to get the quality they could get from us with more personalized service. I once made a video for the Pope there.

Seriously. For the Pope.

When he came to the US about, oh, eight years ago or so, they had a huge gathering for him in a stadium in Washington, D.C., and short videos of welcome from every Diocese in the United States played on the Jumbotron, welcoming him to our country. That was pretty cool. And it allowed our local Diocese to send him their greetings. How could that not be a good thing?

I consider the work I do with my clients to be the same kind of thing. They have messages they want to get out there… they have potential clients they need to reach. The right message, delivered in the right way, can make or break their businesses. I feel honored they’ve chosen me to help them convey their words, their ideas, and their potential.

So here I am, at twenty-five minutes to nine on a Tuesday evening, ramping up my freelance marketing again. So let’s do this, people!

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