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My writing samples include a variety of objectives and styles, and are explained when necessary to be taken in the proper context. Longer pieces are clickable links to PDFs. If you require other types of writing, please let me know and I will be happy to supply them.

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SEO- Focused Articles

(SEO-optimized words included six to seven times to boost site traffic from search engines)

The Lowdown on Hiring Content Writers for Your Website and Blog

You hire a plumber to fix your clogged pipes. You hire a caterer to provide the food for special dinner. You hire an IT professional to take care of your computer. Why wouldn’t you hire a professional writer to write the content for your online website and blog?

A professional writer adds value to your site. If you were to ask a coworker, for instance, the human resources manager, to write your advertising copy, would he know how to write engaging, informational literature that communicates your message clearly and with flair? More than that, would he even have time for this task when he has his own work to do? A professional writer will take the time to gather the information and write it in a way that will catch the reader’s attention and get your message across. A pro will also have good grammar and spelling skills, traits that are becoming more difficult to find.

If you aren’t sure an outside source can take all your data and turn it into a cohesive piece, provide your current literature, website content and any other information you would like included. You may wish to provide an outline or a rough draft that the writer can work from, then polish to make it shine. Another plus of hiring a content writer is that they can lend a second set of eyes to your existing content. An objective person looking over your work can be invaluable to preventing mistakes.

A content writer can also help you find your intended audience. While an engineer for your company can write a highly technical version of their notes, a professional writer can create copy that is easily understood by any reader. A pro can assist you in developing ideas on what to include in a piece and what to leave out. We often err on the side of over-explaining our products and services, but a content writer is experienced in clarifying processes to the target audience. In addition, a good writer can identify missing material that may help complete the picture she is painting with her writing.

Consistency is yet another advantage of using a professional content writer. A pro can make sure that your material is consistent, whether it is typed, online, or on a business card. This unique voice can help to brand your business. A professional writer can adapt your written pieces for easy use with the latest media outlets. Have you avoided building a Facebook page for your company? A writer can help you create the page and include the right information for that particular audience. Don’t want to bother Tweeting every day? A writer would be happy to take on that task.

The most important reason to hire a professional writer is they can help you find a new angle for your information, along with a fresh way of delivering it. A good writer will not use clichés. Best of all, you will know you have made the right decision when potential customers, clients, and stakeholders compliment you on your fantastic content.

Designing a Successful Brochure

Marketing is critical to any company, and you probably want to educate people on the benefits of your business or organization. They could visit your website for information, although many potential customers may not consider themselves “web savvy”. You could give them a business card, but these don’t contain much information. What will communicate your message and brand? If you really want advertising literature that gives a good synopsis of your offerings, consider designing a brochure.

Brochures are used for all kinds of businesses, whether you have a museum, tourist attraction, hospital, or printing business. Their attractive layouts and eye-catching colors attract the first glance, but how do you make sure they contain the best information to hold the viewer’s interest from beginning to end?

First, decide which important information should go into the brochure. This may include a short paragraph above your company’s history, but should mostly consist of the services or products your business or organization can provide. The placement of this information is critical to properly catch the viewer’s eye. The design of your brochure dictates where each piece of info should be placed. You may decide on a bi-fold design that results in four panels, making two panels on each side, or a tri-fold brochure that results in six panels it total, or three panels to each side. The viewer is more likely to read the front of the brochure, the first page they see as they open the leaflet, and the back page when the brochure is folded. These areas should hold the most valuable information you wish to convey.

Including colorful graphics or photographs is important to creating a successful brochure. The viewer will not want to read through large amounts of text, so it should be broken up with attractive headings, graphics and interesting photos in order to keep their attention. Studies have shown that most viewers simply glance over the graphics, photos, and headings rather than reading the brochure from front to back, so your choices should be appropriate to your content. These items must interest the reader so they want to read more, or even contact your company for additional information.

The most important aspect of your brochure is known as the “Call to Action”. Give the viewer information about your organization, but use this platform to ask them to take the next step. Whether you include text requesting they send an e-mail or call you for more information, there must be that little push to further their conversation. You may even want to include a coupon or other incentive for them to contact you, as their knowledge of your company will not benefit you unless it eventually puts money in your pocket.

Your information should be written in conversational, easy-to-read text that can be understood by any reader who picks up the brochure. A professional writer can take your information and turn it into an effective communication of your organization’s message. There are many writers who specialize in this type of business writing, or you can request that your printer supply a copywriter for you. If you wish to write the contents on your own, ask several people to look over the finished writing. This will help proofread your text and provide an objective opinion about your content. No matter who writes the brochure text, review by others in your organization is critical to ensure you’re saying exactly what you want you potential customers to know.

When it’s perfect, hand out your brochure to anyone who enters your business. Placing it in a shopping bag or folder with other information can be very effective. When a new customer calls, be sure to ask if they have your brochure! This simple marketing tool will spread the word of the wonderful services and products you can provide.

Video Scripts

Amazing Agents

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Just fill out our short form and we’ll contact you for more details of your home purchase or sale. Then, we’ll notify our real estate agents and give them your details. Our agents will contact you to discuss your buying and selling needs. They’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Next, you will select your agent. Your selected agent will help you through the exciting process of buying or selling your home.

At Amazing Agents, we offer:
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Welcome to an Amazing Agents!


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Brochure Content

Emerald Business Group

(Writing Only, Designed In-House)
(Left Inside Copy)
Welcome to Emerald Business Group
At Emerald Business Group, we believe that bookkeeping and accounting services involve much more than just keeping records. Whether you are a small or medium size business, choosing the right accounting firm will help you earn and keep more money. We combine high-quality, cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting services with a team of professionals dedicated to helping clients make the most of their financial situations, whether it is through all our small business consulting services, ala cart bookkeeping services, income tax services, or training for start-up businesses and organizations.

(Middle Inside Copy)
Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
We know you are not just a face in the corporate crowd. Our professional accountants specialize in personalized services that fit your organization’s specific needs, and offer many individual services in addition to all our corporate bookkeeping packages.
Margaree Pertle, the president of Emerald Business Group, worked for a large CPA firm for 20 years, leaving to act as President for the Norwin Chamber of Commerce. During those years of working with companies of all sizes, she learned that small and medium-sized businesses often need more personalized services than a large general accounting package, and established EBG to provide one-on-one solutions that work with the needs of these organizations. Now Margaree and her professional staff bring their expertise to you.

(Right Inside Copy)
Building Community Ties
At EBG, we are proud that most of our business comes through referrals from our satisfied customer base. We strive to make the financial aspects of our clients’ business easier through open and timely communication and a dedication to customer service. This includes traveling to your location or meeting in our professional office to discuss your needs and create solutions.

If you are opening a new small business, our professional staff will consult with your employees to set up a bookkeeping system, organize financial records, or even train them to use accounting software such as Quickbooks. For issues that require a Certified Public Accountant, we can provide these services as well.

Contact Emerald Business Group today to find out more about our range of affordable products and services.

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