Graphic Design & Photoshop

My graphic design and Photoshop work includes pieces that were collaborations and others that are my own design. Other samples are available on request. Larger files are clickable links.

Magazine Layout Sample

Style Guide Sample

Brochure Writing & Design Samples

Sales Letter Samples

Marketing Postcards


email blast ver3

Loft Warehouse Nov 2014 ver3

Logo Creation Services

I’ve created these logos for a number of businesses and organizations for use on their business cards, letterhead, and websites.

Indian Pointlogo35133fe607f65f.jpg                            tiny room logo.jpg


logo 2.jpg               band logo              logo 2a.png


pampered princess.jpg           Up Vai.jpg               pampered princess2.jpg



radiation health unit.jpg


Photoshop Work Samples

Room Fix SunnyRing 3 Steps