Email marketing is an incredibly successful venture… if it’s done correctly. A successful email campaign is more than the message; it’s the subject line, the spam rating, the receptiveness of the targeted audience. Spam filters are becoming more effective than ever, shunting mass emails into the spam folder or deleting them entirely before you even see them. Using years of experience, our email campaigns use the best email services with high ratings on deliverability, meaning your emails are less likely to get pushed off to spam. A higher deliverability rating will give you a more effective ROI, and will get your message in front of more people.

Spam filters look for certain words, particular combinations of words, even graphic/text ratios to figure out if your email is worthy of hitting the viewer’s inbox. Our expertise will greatly reduce that number that won’t even be seen. Plus, your emails can be built based on a template or personalized to your company with your colors, logos, text type, and so on.

TheĀ  next issue is statistics. How many people opened your emails? What did they click on? Did it get you sales? By using Google Analytics tagging, we will not only know how many people opened your message, but how many used a link to go to your website or even how much they spent if you have an e-commerce site. If you chose to send out weekly, monthly, or even annual campaigns, we’ll find out who is opening and who is not, and perform a list cleaning to eliminate those people that are costing you money because they never look at the messages you send them. All of these statistics will be measured against industry standards to judge effectiveness relative to other companies who do what you do. We can even conduct A/B testing for subject lines, times of day sent, days of the week sent, and so on to figure out when your customers are most likely to open, click, and buy.

Sound complicated? It is… but that’s just one more reason to hire a company who can give you the best return on investment for your email marketing dollar. Below are some of my samples of successful email campaigns:

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CK Invitation


Mortons Invitation

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