Email Marketing – Believe it or not, it’s still incredibly effective!

I know what you’re thinking… anyone can send out an email blast. And you’re right. But will it be a SUCCESSFUL email blast?

We’re all used to seeing countless unwanted emails hit our inbox. If you’re using the email service Gmail, you’ve probably noticed new filtering techniques like the Personal, Social, and Promotions tabs that are dividing up your incoming emails depending on their sender. This new tool caused a huge uproar to email marketers as everyone panicked that recipients wouldn’t even realize they’d gotten the senders’ emails. New methods to get through the latest spam filters were instantly concocted, articles were written, we all decided to forge on with what had been one of the most successful marketing techniques.

And you know what?

We did it. Many of us began experimenting with new marketing email services, new subject lines, different graphic to text ratios… we even sent emails from our own email addresses asking people to add a filter to their email systems requesting that any emails with our organization’s names in the “from” box be sent straight to the Personal tab or Promotions tab. Studies showed higher clickthrough and conversion rates for emails that went to the Promotions tab, because individuals who clicked that tab were ready to shop.

Believe it or not, statistics show that consumers are becoming more spam-savvy… in other words, they know which emails they want to look at and which ones to avoid. I suppose one could say this is a positive side effect from all those scam Nigerian diplomat emails that famously have frauded folks out of thousands of dollars. People are still looking for their daily or weekly sale emails from their favorite retailers, or looking to see what’s new with the companies they follow. Reputable email marketers are using this new knowledge to raise conversion rates without using the old “throw it at the wall and see what sticks.”

Like any other profession, email marketers can’t rest on their laurels. We need to keep up-to-date with the newest email marketing techniques, the most current spam filter technology, and the latest innovations that will not only convince a viewer to open our email, but to buy what we’re selling. If there’s one thing to remember about email marketing, it’s that the field is never boring.

So if you’ve been worried about sending out marketing emails, worry no more. Find a professional email marketer that knows how to maximize the low cost of an email campaign, and watch the opens and attention start rolling in.

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