Check the Coffee Maker.

I started a new full-time job this week, which is wonderful and thrilling. That means TRP is back to its evening business hours during the week. I found myself mulling over what makes a company a good company on my drive home today, and I have some words of advice for those seeking new employment.

I have come to the clear understanding that you can judge a company by its coffee maker. For instance…. two jobs ago, there was a double coffee pot setup (three if you consider decaf coffee, which I don’t.) It was what it was. A plain coffee maker. It worked, but occasionally had issues and wasn’t flashy. At my last job, where cronyism ran rampant, they had Keurig machines but didn’t supply the cups, and you had to bring your own then hunt down wherever they’d hide the stupid things. Or you could drink coffee out of the one giant banquet coffee dispenser they made in the morning for over a hundred people, and when it was empty, there was just no more coffee for anyone. My new company has a Keurig that speaks three languages, dumps its own cup once it’s used, has four different sizes, and they stock seven types of coffee, six types of tea, and hot chocolate.

To heck with online reviews, if you interview somewhere, ask to see their coffee maker.

2 thoughts on “Check the Coffee Maker.

  1. Toni Marra Reply

    I never thought of the coffee maker in such light! Know that you bring this to my attention, it reminds me of the hospice unit I visited when I knew I wanted to be part of it….freshly baked cookies and hot soup is available for the families and patients who can enjoy them. Also, the moisturizing lotion for back rubs in kept in a warmer in each pt room. All of this has led to me to a great decision. BTW, the coffee maker in the family lounge sounds like the exact model you described in your current job. Enjoy fresh cookies too!

    • Brooke Volk Post authorReply

      See??? One just doesn’t think of these things. Well, I do. But most people don’t. LOL

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