And then there’s Facebook…

Did you know that Facebook isn’t really intended to be a revenue provider for a company? It’s a social networking platform, and figuring out what should be posted, when, and why is a job all in itself. A FB page is a way to interact and get to know your customers and potential customers, and to give them more information about your company and how it works. Establish a rapport, answer questions, give them something to look at that actually interests them! The standard mix of posts a company or organization should be 70% curation, or sharing information, articles, and posts that relate to your industry, and 30% on your company and what it’s doing and how it can help the reader. That’s a lot different than how many companies run their FB pages, with constant product information.

I’ve been spending some more time on my FB page the past few weeks than I have in awhile, and there are going to be some pretty cool things happening there. I post photographs I have taken or work I’ve done as backup photographer for Al at RoadRunner Photography, websites I’ve completed, and more. Occasionally I’ll run a FB-only special on web design or content writing, so it pays to follow the TRP page! Do you want to know more? Contact us to find out how social media marketing can work for you!

What’s YOUR strategy on social networking? ┬áLeave your comments below!

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