All-Test Site Has Gone Live!

All-Test’s new website has gone live! Replacing one of the first websites I’d done professionally, the new version is a WordPress site that’s easy for the owners to go into and update. Plus, it’s now responsive, meaning that whether you look at it on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, it will resize accordingly so you can still easily read it without a whole bunch of sliding your view from side to side. It makes things SO easy!

Plus, did you know that Google’s latest algorithms will no longer rank your site as high in their searches if a person is conducting a Google search on a mobile device and your site ISN’T mobile optimized? It’s true! And getting onto the first page of Google can make or break your company, as studies have shown the sites on the first page (or in Google’s Top 10) get almost all the clicks from interested viewers.

If you haven’t updated your site to be mobile responsive or adaptive, send us an email today and we’ll look at modernizing your web presence!


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